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Winter Prep for Your Replacement Windows and Doors in Portsmouth, NH  From Caulking to Installing Storm Doors

Winter Prep for Your Replacement Windows and Doors in Portsmouth, NH From Caulking to Installing Storm Doors

The middle of winter is near once again in Portsmouth, and there are a few things that you could check on your replacement windows and doors to help you ride out the long winter. Whether it’s caulking your windows or doors or adding a storm door, here are a few tips to help keep your home warm as we put up with winter for a short while longer. 

  • Re-caulk your windows and doors. Caulking can help reduce the amount of drafts in your home and it may help guard you from bugs or other unpredictable weather that comes through Portsmouth. Walk around your home and be sure there aren’t any gaps or holes, and if there are, get them taken care of.

  • Check your weather stripping. Look at the weather stripping around your windows and doors, check for any worn out or torn pieces, getting rid of old weather stripping where needed. Any sections that are worn out or torn may allow cold air to creep in your home and cause the heating and cooling system to work harder] because of that lost warm air.

  • Get replacement windows. Too direct? The truth is that older windows and windows with single-pane glass usually aren’t as energy efficient as newer windows. Like almost all other things that have been around for a while, improvements in technology have allowed for better energy performance. Replacement windows and replacement doors are no different, so why not start saving money on your energy expenses now?

  • Install storm doors. Adding storm doors on your home can bring another safeguard for your home and can help with protection from nasty weather and help decrease air and moisture leaks.

Of course, there are a number of other variables that will impact your decision regarding replacement windows, but these are four to start you on the right track. If at any point you have questions regarding our replacement windows, stop by the Portsmouth showroom, give us a shout at 603-427-0677 or schedule an in-home consultation with us via the online scheduler.

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